Date of Birth? 03/04/1994

Where are you from? I am from Swansea in Wales!

Favourite things to ride? Park or dirt!

Craziest place BMX took you too? I’m going to say Montpellier because it’s party’s are INSANE!!?

What do you love most about BMX? I love the fact that no matter if you meet a rider once everyone gets treated like family!

Favourite Rider? Ooo I have 2 and they are Kevin peraza and Alex coleborn.

Favourite part of your bike? I’m going to say my cranks I don’t know why they just look so slick!✌?️

Any advice to a young rider trying to get good? Don’t do it to get sponsored do it for the fun and to learn! Those are the best days!!

iPhone or Android? iPhone obviously!?

Favourite Food? NANDOS!

Favourite Trick? 360 backflip/cork 720 as they are the best feeling!

Worst Injury? Broken elbow! As it always dislocates!

Anything else you want to add? TOTAL BMX RULES!