DOB? 27/08/93

Where are you from? Gold Coast, Australia

Favourite things to ride? My favourite sessions are just a chilled tech session on a nice small 5ft quarter.

Craziest place BMX has taken you too? Ecuador! Ecuador is a country that I was very uneducated about, and never had intention to go there. Packed with amazing people, great sites and some unreal riders was definitely just not what I expected, loved it!

What do you love most about BMX? My favourite thing about BMX is just being part of the family that BMX is! No matter who you are or where you’re from BMX unites people together from all over the world and we’re all doing it because we love riding our bikes!

Favourite rider? I could go on forever here! So many inspirations to my riding! My favourites would have to be Alex Coleborn, Mark Webb, Garrett Reynolds and Kriss Kyle!

Favourite part of your bike(hopefully a total product ha ha)? Couldn’t pick it! Totalbmx constantly keeping my bike fresh as ever! So everything Total BMX! haha.

Any advice to a young rider trying to get good? My advice would be to just enjoy it! we all start riding for the same reason! For something to do, We get addicted to the adrenaline and the profession of the sport! So just find a good crew that encourage you to ride! Don’t be scared to try new tricks, ride the way you want to and just enjoy the ride!

iPhone or Blackberry? What's an android? ?

Favourite food? Love a good home cooked meal, nice roast pork or tacos!

Trademark trick? A barspin or a footjam! considering 99% of my tricks involve at least one of the two. haha.

Worst Injury? (*Touch Wood*) I've been really lucky with injures over the past 7 years, nothing but a fractured finger and a few hard slams here and there!

Anything else you want to add? Just want to say a huge thanks to anyone who supports me! Thanks to my fans and followers! I love you all! Thanks to my sponsors Totalbmx, Ethika and GC Compound for helping me get as far as I’ve come! Lastly but not least want to thank my mum for supporting me as i grew into the person I am today! You’re the best, Mum! Love you!