DOB? 26th August 1992

Where are you from? Jersey (Channel Islands) but living in Corby in England

Favourite things to ride? Adrenalin alley skatepark building 2, best place to ride in the U.K and my local now

Craziest place BMX took you too? America (X-Games) such a dream come true

What do you love most about BMX? Riding with mates and having a good time, trying to learn new stuff

Favourite rider: (Non Total BMX) Dennis Enarson

Favourite part of your bike? My signature Total BMX Hangover Frame, and my signature Hangover cranks as they suit my riding style.

Any advice to a young rider trying to get good? Keep riding every day, have fun and don’t be scared to send it, but mostly just do it cos it feels good?

iPhone or Blackberry? iPhone of course

Favourite food? Anything my girlfriend cooks, I try and eat healthily, pasta is always good.

Favourite trick? Bar to whiplash, I love doing tech stuff

Worst Injury? I broke my hip and it was the toughest thing I have ever had to overcome since riding BMX, I was told I wouldn’t ride again so I am so happy to just be able to ride again.

Anything else you want to add? I would like to thank Ronnie Remo & Webbie at Total BMX, and the guys at Monster Energy Drinks for always taking care of me and getting me to events.