Mark Webb no longer on Total

Mark Webb no longer on Total

Today we announce the departure of Mark Webb from the Total team, effective as of yesterday, and by mutual consent. Mark has played a pivotal role in Total BMX's journey, but as with all journeys, this chapter has come to a close.

In recent times, Mark has been less active on his bike due to various personal reasons and is now eager to devote more time and energy to his other interests. Throughout his illustrious career, the former World Champion revolutionized BMX park riding, setting the standard for future generations. With countless world-first tricks and unforgettable park edits to his name, Mark has left a huge and lastingĀ Ā mark on the sport.

As Mark transitions to new endeavors, Total BMX expresses gratitude for his immense contributions to both BMX and the brand. Bossman Ronnie Remo added- we part ways amicably, wishing Mark the very best in all of his future pursuits.

While bidding farewell to one legend, Total BMX eagerly anticipates the future and is actively planning for exciting developments ahead. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding an exciting addition to the team.

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