Alex Coleborn - Pro Bike Check 2017

Alex Coleborn - Pro Bike Check 2017

Total BMX Pro, Alex Coleborn recently built up a new bike and this is what he's running:

Frame: Total BMX Hangover H2 - Sparkle Blue 

Fork: Total BMX Hangover

Bar: Total BMX Hangover Sig

Stem: Total BMX Team

Hubs: Total BMX Tech

Cranks: Total BMX Hangover

Seat: Total BMX Blackjack

Sprocket: Total BMX Rock 'n' Roll Spline Drive

Spokes: Total Double Butted

Gyro: Vocal

Cables: Vocal

Leaver: Odyssey M2

Grips: Total Brit Grips

Brake: éclat

Chain: Cult

Rims: Alienation

Pedals: Premium

Headset: Total Killabee

Pegs: Total BMX Skinnies

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